Things I Hate #1

So I decided to change my style a little bit cause i've realized the only things i feel like blogging about are things i think are awesome or things that just bother the heck out of me. Sad, right?

Anyway, part one of things that I hate - when people start packing up to leave before the class is over (annoyingness x 10 when its at church or a religion class). It's just rude. I can't stand when I'm in Sunday School and the teacher starts to bear his testimony and suddenly everyone starts packing up. Seriously? Where do you have to go in such a hurry? I have Elders Quorum just like you do, but theres no point in packing up early, especially when you're killing the spirit brought by the teacher's testimony.

Even in a non religion setting, it's annoying. There's this girl that sits next to me in humanities that doesn't pay attention the whole class, then a full minute before class is over starts packing up her stuff noisily, so the rest of the class follows suit, and our poor professor has to just end class without finishing what he's trying to cover because nobody's paying attention. People just need to be a little more respectful.

Man, I hate that.


Is the funnest thing ever. I should do this more often


its a sad day when

the friends you used to play soccer with until 3 in the morning and stay up late with watching movies in a random park suddenly don't feel like being all that exciting anymore. they dont answer your calls/texts, or have other things to do. seriously? you can live one night with 5 hours of sleep. live a little.

it makes weekends not as much fun.


like a man

You know what? I get a very manly feeling when I ride my cruiser bike that has no gears uphill to campus, and pass people on mountain bikes that are going up the hill. Get on my level! 

I also get a little tickle of happiness when I lock my bike up and see that it's surrounded by mountain bikes and theres not another cruiser bike in sight. 

Yeah? You have gears?
Thats cool. I'm a man.


sleep vs school

Dear Sleep,

Apparently I need to decide what the purpose of the weekend is. Is that my time to come and visit you and make up for the sleep that I lost somewhere during 7am work and doing homework till 1am? Or is it to have fun and actually enjoy life since I spend the whole week running around trying to get things done and not fail all my classes? Well this weekend was definitely a fun weekend, and its the antithesis of the other weekend possibility, which is the possibility that I really wish I had taken now, because itll be another week before I have another chance to come visit. 

So now i'm falling asleep in class. And I may or may not have set a chair in a hidden remote corner at work so that I can see you for a half hour or so. And I'm seriously considering taking a power nap after school today, and maybe we can have some sweet flying dreams, but that has way too high of a possibility that i end up hanging out with you untill FHE.

Well, I hope you know that I miss you. Have a fun week without me and give my best to your neighbors Rest and Relaxation.

Your long lost friend,


never thought that would happen...

So two things happened today that I am still in shock over (and no, making this blog post is not one of them. Maybe i should count three things...)

The first was a mind-blowing realization that happened in my New Testament class, of all places. Come to think of it, that was probably the most natural place for it to occur... anyways, we were talking about our reading from the night before. It was Luke 1-3, which was a-MAZING. Luke 1 is now one of my favorite chapters in the world. I spent over a half hour reading it - i didn't even finish all my reading, and it was only 3 chapters! That's how long I spent on Luke 1. Anyways ( i need to find new words to start my sentences off with, or i should just stop getting sidetracked. so anyways...) when we were in class and we were discussing the chapters, I had SO much I wanted to say and talk about, but hey, in a class of 45 people I can't exactly take up all the time, and i usually comment too much anyways (there that word is again). So then it hit me - I wish I was married. Now this might not be the mind blowing realization that you were waiting for, but you don't quite understand. I don't wish I was married because i'm lonely, or because thats what the prophets said that i should be doing, or because im dating someone and just want to take the next step. This was a totally different feeling. I want to be married so that I have somebody to read the scriptures with. Weird, right? But seriously - somebody I could talk to about Luke 1 until we had analyzed every verse in the scripture. Somebody I could read with and talk about with, set goals with, work with, stretch myself with, and progress with - somebody that I could grow old with, all the while growing stronger in the gospel. It was kind of a revelation as to the meaning of when God told Adam that it wasn't good for him to be alone and that he would make a "help meet" for him. So I have this totally weird new longing to be married, because I can see that I can't really continue my spiritual growth (well i can keep growing, but not as fast) until I take that step. Weeeeeird. But cool. But don't worry, im not about to go run out and marry somebody haha. Not even close.

Anyways (that one was for fun) the second thing is on a completely different tack from the religious/marriage standpoint. This one was something I haven't done since high school. Nope, not ditch class merely for the sake of ditching, nor was it eating Mexican Food until i cant walk - I went running. AND I timed myself. Whaaaat? Something about New Testament class and listening to Brother Smith talk about running a marathon made me feel like i could do anything, so I went out and ran. I felt sooo out of shape I couldn't breathe all that well, and my arms got all weak and I felt like I was going to pass out. And they say running is healthy..... anywho (got you there, didnt I) I was actually surprised at how well I did. I did a warm up lap and then a timed mile - 5 minutes, 58 seconds. YEEEEEAH! felt like a 10 minute mile, so that was fantastic. Followed that up with a 7:45 cool down mile, and then one last mile for time - 5:54. Oh. Yes. Get. On. My. Level. Although that might not be on the level of the more serious runners, it was a miracle for me.

What a day. What a overly long blog post. What I can't feel my legs. What?