winter fun

I think that Utah can't decide whether it wants to keep snowing or start being sunny, because the days seem to alternate between the two. I wouldn't mind either one, as long as it gave it to me constantly. I mean, how can i enjoy the snow if its melting because of the sun, or enjoy the sun because theres so much snow?
Despite the weather's best efforts to thwart my fun-loving ways, it's been quite a bit of fun this winter. Between going out and playing in the snow in areas where its snowed enough to do such a thing and watching the Jimmer craze take over BYU and a good portion of the nation, ive been busy and having fun. Last week some friends and I went tubing up in Park City, which was fun even with the hundreds of 10 year olds determined to take control of all the runs. I discovered that I can have more fun throwing snowballs and pushing my friends into snowbanks than on any hill! Who'da thought, right? Maybe that's what is in store this weekend.

Intramural basketball is winding down, we had our last season game last friday, in which we came out on top with a decisive win. We only had 1 sub while they had 4-5, so they ran us down a bit but were no match for our outstanding talents. Who wants to play only half the game anyways? Not me. So that makes 4 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss during seasonal play, with two of our main players not being at the last two games. Hopefully we'll do well in the tourney, cause even if we dont win the whole thing, its nice to get a few extra games out of it! So in between going to BYU games and our own, it's been a good season of basketball.

Anyways, I don't know what is going on this weekend, hopefully its something that'll bring me up from my slowly sinking love life, cause i could do with a few distractions right now!