geocaching adventures

So last time I went geocaching, as soon as the sun went down and it got dark it was pretty much impossible to find anything, since they're usually so small. So when Nicole picked me up tonight and wanted to go geocaching, i have to admit i thought we were destined for failure.

So after spending 20 minutes re-downloading the app for my phone while trying to ignore Nicole's complaints about it taking forever (you have to admit Nicole, you were pretty impatient) and then getting the location for a cache, we were off. Too bad the first one was like 2 miles away! Which might seem lame to complain about, but hey, i just wanted to look around provo, alright? But we only wanted to find big ones so that they'd be easier to see at night, and that was one of the closest ones.

So we drove south and out to the middle of nowhere, down a little dirt path and ended up next to some ancient shack that had dogs chained up and barking. The geocache was supposedly by a tree right next to the place, but Nicole was scared of the dogs and wouldn't get out of the car haha (how embarassing) so i pretty much had to find this by myself. It would have been hard in the dark, but Nicole happened to have a flashlight! How handy, right? But when I signed our names, the pencil was so dull that the next person to find it will probably wonder why someone scribbled on the paper with pencil.

Anyways, after a failed attempt to find another (it was somewhere we couldn't get to driving) we went for another one up in the hills and had to do a little more climbing on an old golf course. That one was hidden in some rocks in an old ammo box, and had a few random things inside (Mormon passalong cards, a matchbox, tape, golf balls, etc.). So we snapped a pic, swapped some stuff, and ended our nighttime adventure.

Success? I think so.

I'd post a picture, but she has them all. So check her blog and get off my back!