Things I Love #1

So to take a break from my mini-rant on common courtesty - though its not much of a break since i havent posted on it since that first one anyways - here's something I do love. Flash mobs. Musical ones. Awesome ones. When I'm rich and don't have to go to work every day, I'll spend the rest of my life setting up things like this because hey, thats what makes life fun.

Man, I love that.


Love and Hate combined

So this week I've been both irritated and grateful for several things that all boil down to one simple phrase: common courtesy. I think it's something that's becoming increasingly lost in a society that has so many personal gadgets (phones, mp3 players, computers) that people get lost in their own little worlds. Most of the common courtesies take almost no time at all, some are just a matter of respect, but all need to be respected. So after having a frustrating day due to people not observing basic common courtesies, I'll give several examples of some, starting with those that so bothered me yesterday.

#1 - Sitting in someone else's seat in class.

Yes, girl in my humanities class, I know that theres no assigned seating. But I also know that I've sat in that chair every day for the past 6 weeks, and I know that you know it. So the fact that I showed up 2 minutes later than usual does NOT mean you can take my chair and loudly remark how funny it is when you sit in other peoples chairs. Seriously?

#2 - Looking where you're walking

This might seem strange, but its becoming increasingly annoying as people become obsessed with their phones. I was walking down the stairs in the library next to the railing, when a girl that was looking at her phone walked all the way across the hallway, across the stairs to the railing, and proceeded to walk right up into me. PAY ATTENTION

#3 - Talking in the Library

Ok, this isn't bad in all circumstances. It's generally acceptable on the 5th floor and in the NoShh zone, but when I'm at a table by myself on the fourth and you come sit at my table with your friend, can you try not to spend the next 45 minutes talking non stop about your dating lives? I'm trying to study. Thanks.

#4 - Letting somebody use your Jacket

I think this is a fantastic thing to do. I was at my friends soccer game freezing without a jacket (ironically because I had given my jacket to somebody else) and this girl that I didn't know let me use her husbands jacket for the duration of the game. Thanks, unknown girl and special thanks to her husband. It's annoying though when I try to let somebody use my jacket (girls) and they refuse. Why? You'd seriously rather sit there and freeze? I'm a boy, I can handle it.

#5 - The little hand wave used when driving

I love this for some reason. It's one of my favorite parts of society. When somebody lets you in, stops to let you go, waits for you to cross the street, what do you do? Give them a little wave. Hey, thanks man, that was really nice of you. The wave is universal and has infinite applications. When you don't use the wave - rude. But it makes my day when people use it.

So, this is a post to be continued. There's too many common courtesies to mention right now and hey, it'll give me something to blog about for the next few days. Enjoy. Especially you, Lauren.