Helped my mom put on a little nativity party with her preschoolers.. They're so funny! And out of control. By the way... They love me.


That never happens...

So once again, there's no way I could get through finals without a little divine intervention. I had my first final scheduled at 7am this morning (the only times I've gotten up that early in the past year are to play basketball when I'm back home in California). So I knew that I couldn't stay up until my typical 2am bedtime. Luckily, the house was quiet. Austin went to bed early as usual (though I found him sleeping on the couch this morning), Lenny was gone studying, and Tanner was who knows where. So I got in bed just before midnight, set my alarm for 6am, and went to sleep.

6am rolls around. The alarm goes off. Miracle of miracles, I wake up. I sit up. Turn the alarm off. Though I feel like falling back asleep, I resist the urge and decide to say my morning prayers and just thank Heavenly Father for helping me wake up. And what happens? I fall asleep. WHAAAAAAT. That's it. I'm a goner. No way am I waking up until noon, when I can start panicking for missing my final. And then what happens? I get an email. 2 minutes after I fall asleep, my phone loudly tells me I have something new in my inbox. And it wakes me up. YESSSSSSSSS!! Jump out of bed (more like groggily roll off the edge), get ready, eat breakfast, go take test. Dominate test. Good way to start the finals? I think so.

I knew morning prayers were useful. If I had fallen asleep from laziness instead of praying would I have been so lucky? I like to think not.


geocaching adventures

So last time I went geocaching, as soon as the sun went down and it got dark it was pretty much impossible to find anything, since they're usually so small. So when Nicole picked me up tonight and wanted to go geocaching, i have to admit i thought we were destined for failure.

So after spending 20 minutes re-downloading the app for my phone while trying to ignore Nicole's complaints about it taking forever (you have to admit Nicole, you were pretty impatient) and then getting the location for a cache, we were off. Too bad the first one was like 2 miles away! Which might seem lame to complain about, but hey, i just wanted to look around provo, alright? But we only wanted to find big ones so that they'd be easier to see at night, and that was one of the closest ones.

So we drove south and out to the middle of nowhere, down a little dirt path and ended up next to some ancient shack that had dogs chained up and barking. The geocache was supposedly by a tree right next to the place, but Nicole was scared of the dogs and wouldn't get out of the car haha (how embarassing) so i pretty much had to find this by myself. It would have been hard in the dark, but Nicole happened to have a flashlight! How handy, right? But when I signed our names, the pencil was so dull that the next person to find it will probably wonder why someone scribbled on the paper with pencil.

Anyways, after a failed attempt to find another (it was somewhere we couldn't get to driving) we went for another one up in the hills and had to do a little more climbing on an old golf course. That one was hidden in some rocks in an old ammo box, and had a few random things inside (Mormon passalong cards, a matchbox, tape, golf balls, etc.). So we snapped a pic, swapped some stuff, and ended our nighttime adventure.

Success? I think so.

I'd post a picture, but she has them all. So check her blog and get off my back!


winter fun

I think that Utah can't decide whether it wants to keep snowing or start being sunny, because the days seem to alternate between the two. I wouldn't mind either one, as long as it gave it to me constantly. I mean, how can i enjoy the snow if its melting because of the sun, or enjoy the sun because theres so much snow?
Despite the weather's best efforts to thwart my fun-loving ways, it's been quite a bit of fun this winter. Between going out and playing in the snow in areas where its snowed enough to do such a thing and watching the Jimmer craze take over BYU and a good portion of the nation, ive been busy and having fun. Last week some friends and I went tubing up in Park City, which was fun even with the hundreds of 10 year olds determined to take control of all the runs. I discovered that I can have more fun throwing snowballs and pushing my friends into snowbanks than on any hill! Who'da thought, right? Maybe that's what is in store this weekend.

Intramural basketball is winding down, we had our last season game last friday, in which we came out on top with a decisive win. We only had 1 sub while they had 4-5, so they ran us down a bit but were no match for our outstanding talents. Who wants to play only half the game anyways? Not me. So that makes 4 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss during seasonal play, with two of our main players not being at the last two games. Hopefully we'll do well in the tourney, cause even if we dont win the whole thing, its nice to get a few extra games out of it! So in between going to BYU games and our own, it's been a good season of basketball.

Anyways, I don't know what is going on this weekend, hopefully its something that'll bring me up from my slowly sinking love life, cause i could do with a few distractions right now!


a positive blog

I don't know what is more shocking, the fact that I'm posting two blog posts within an hour of each other, or that this one is actually going to be positive. Quite positive, in fact. It's about the most positive thing that has happened to me in awhile.

So, I have this girlfriend. And she's amazing. And she's going to be totally embarrassed about this and tell me to delete it as soon as she sees it. It came as a surprise even to me (maybe more so to other people), because a few weeks/months ago I decided I didn't really want to have a girlfriend, I just wanted to date around and get to know people and have fun. Which I did - I did date, I did get to know some amazing people and I did have so much fun. But turns out the girl I really wanted to date I had known for months now. I met Emily this past January in our Physical Science class, which I think was a miracle in itself, because I was truly blessed. I started the first class sitting near the back of the class next to a friend I knew from freshman year, Jason DeLange. The problem was, he dropped the class and that left me with nobody to sit with! So I sat the next few classes in the very back row. After a few days I figured this was ridiculous - it's my first semester off my mission, I should meet some people, right? So I decided that the next day I'd wait until a few minutes before class started, then walk in the front of the class (amphitheater class of 150 or so) and find a cute girl, and sit next to her. So I did - I walked in the next day and saw this really cute girl sitting by herself on the right side of class, and I went and sat - not next to her, but one seat away. I never want to come across as a total creeper, you know? Anyways, I started a conversation asking her if she had done the reading, and she said no - total embarassing moment for her, since she always does her reading. Anyways, we talked, laughed, and I kept sitting by her until I asked her to come to a basketball game with me, and the rest was history. It's just one of those boundaries that once you cross, things are never the same, you know?

Anyways, it's been a long time coming, but I can say that right now I'm really happy. She is just great, and she always knows how to make me feel better. She's smarter than me, more dedicated, more in control, funnier, and a whole lot better looking. Talk about getting lucky for me and compromising for her. I won't say any more so I don't embarrass her, but you get the idea ;)

But yeah. This is one of those things I love.


Psych. not like the tv show. Although that is currently the single greatest show on television. Episodes seriously cant come fast enough - and one comes on tonight? Tomorrow? woooooot

My point is that I only ever feel like blogging about things that bother me or problems I see in society - not the greatest habit to be sure. I cant help but feel an urge to troll on other peoples self pitying/ambiguous facebook status updates because come on, this isnt myspace. For instance, I was on Pandora just now (meaning I AM on pandora) and the song "Like a G6" came on, which in my opinion, is one of the worst songs of all time. I see nothing in it that is worth listening to, and the artists themselves said and have been quoted saying that they don't even know what a G6 is, just that Drake mentioned G4 pilots and they wanted to one up him. Anyways, next to the song was a little bubble that said "Your Friend _______ likes this." And I couldn't help but wish that I could click "dislike" and have it pop up on other peoples pandora saying "Your Friend Zack dislikes this," just so that person would sit and actually think about why they like that song - which hopefully will result in no ideas.

But i think that has to be a fairly unhealthy attitude right? I'm sure that tons of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts and other such psych-related people (hence the "psych...") would have interesting things to say about that. Sometimes I just wish that I could go sit down with those people and see what they have to say about me - and see if those things are true about myself, maybe I could learn a thing or two, you know?

Anyways, back to the music. I honestly think that several songs in the top 40 right now are horrible, and that they only get playing time because of a previous hit of the artist. So people say hey, new single by this artist and I loved their last song so much this new one must be fantastic too! And they end up listening to a horrible song and thinking its fantastic. For example:

Katy Perry: California Girls --> Teenage Dream --> Firework (hoooorrible song. good message, horrible song.)
Kesha: Tik Tok --> We R Who we R (soooo lame, and "R?" seriously? Thats not even cool)
Black Eyed Peas --> lots of good songs --> The Time
Justin Bieber --> Baby --> Pray

Anyways, the list goes on, but the point is that a lot of songs that in the top lists right now I swear would not make it if they were the artist's first song and not one that has only come after their previous successes.

Sorry for another negative post but...

P.S. Lil' John ruins every song ever


Things I Love #1

So to take a break from my mini-rant on common courtesty - though its not much of a break since i havent posted on it since that first one anyways - here's something I do love. Flash mobs. Musical ones. Awesome ones. When I'm rich and don't have to go to work every day, I'll spend the rest of my life setting up things like this because hey, thats what makes life fun.

Man, I love that.