That never happens...

So once again, there's no way I could get through finals without a little divine intervention. I had my first final scheduled at 7am this morning (the only times I've gotten up that early in the past year are to play basketball when I'm back home in California). So I knew that I couldn't stay up until my typical 2am bedtime. Luckily, the house was quiet. Austin went to bed early as usual (though I found him sleeping on the couch this morning), Lenny was gone studying, and Tanner was who knows where. So I got in bed just before midnight, set my alarm for 6am, and went to sleep.

6am rolls around. The alarm goes off. Miracle of miracles, I wake up. I sit up. Turn the alarm off. Though I feel like falling back asleep, I resist the urge and decide to say my morning prayers and just thank Heavenly Father for helping me wake up. And what happens? I fall asleep. WHAAAAAAT. That's it. I'm a goner. No way am I waking up until noon, when I can start panicking for missing my final. And then what happens? I get an email. 2 minutes after I fall asleep, my phone loudly tells me I have something new in my inbox. And it wakes me up. YESSSSSSSSS!! Jump out of bed (more like groggily roll off the edge), get ready, eat breakfast, go take test. Dominate test. Good way to start the finals? I think so.

I knew morning prayers were useful. If I had fallen asleep from laziness instead of praying would I have been so lucky? I like to think not.

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