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I don't know what is more shocking, the fact that I'm posting two blog posts within an hour of each other, or that this one is actually going to be positive. Quite positive, in fact. It's about the most positive thing that has happened to me in awhile.

So, I have this girlfriend. And she's amazing. And she's going to be totally embarrassed about this and tell me to delete it as soon as she sees it. It came as a surprise even to me (maybe more so to other people), because a few weeks/months ago I decided I didn't really want to have a girlfriend, I just wanted to date around and get to know people and have fun. Which I did - I did date, I did get to know some amazing people and I did have so much fun. But turns out the girl I really wanted to date I had known for months now. I met Emily this past January in our Physical Science class, which I think was a miracle in itself, because I was truly blessed. I started the first class sitting near the back of the class next to a friend I knew from freshman year, Jason DeLange. The problem was, he dropped the class and that left me with nobody to sit with! So I sat the next few classes in the very back row. After a few days I figured this was ridiculous - it's my first semester off my mission, I should meet some people, right? So I decided that the next day I'd wait until a few minutes before class started, then walk in the front of the class (amphitheater class of 150 or so) and find a cute girl, and sit next to her. So I did - I walked in the next day and saw this really cute girl sitting by herself on the right side of class, and I went and sat - not next to her, but one seat away. I never want to come across as a total creeper, you know? Anyways, I started a conversation asking her if she had done the reading, and she said no - total embarassing moment for her, since she always does her reading. Anyways, we talked, laughed, and I kept sitting by her until I asked her to come to a basketball game with me, and the rest was history. It's just one of those boundaries that once you cross, things are never the same, you know?

Anyways, it's been a long time coming, but I can say that right now I'm really happy. She is just great, and she always knows how to make me feel better. She's smarter than me, more dedicated, more in control, funnier, and a whole lot better looking. Talk about getting lucky for me and compromising for her. I won't say any more so I don't embarrass her, but you get the idea ;)

But yeah. This is one of those things I love.

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