Psych. not like the tv show. Although that is currently the single greatest show on television. Episodes seriously cant come fast enough - and one comes on tonight? Tomorrow? woooooot

My point is that I only ever feel like blogging about things that bother me or problems I see in society - not the greatest habit to be sure. I cant help but feel an urge to troll on other peoples self pitying/ambiguous facebook status updates because come on, this isnt myspace. For instance, I was on Pandora just now (meaning I AM on pandora) and the song "Like a G6" came on, which in my opinion, is one of the worst songs of all time. I see nothing in it that is worth listening to, and the artists themselves said and have been quoted saying that they don't even know what a G6 is, just that Drake mentioned G4 pilots and they wanted to one up him. Anyways, next to the song was a little bubble that said "Your Friend _______ likes this." And I couldn't help but wish that I could click "dislike" and have it pop up on other peoples pandora saying "Your Friend Zack dislikes this," just so that person would sit and actually think about why they like that song - which hopefully will result in no ideas.

But i think that has to be a fairly unhealthy attitude right? I'm sure that tons of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts and other such psych-related people (hence the "psych...") would have interesting things to say about that. Sometimes I just wish that I could go sit down with those people and see what they have to say about me - and see if those things are true about myself, maybe I could learn a thing or two, you know?

Anyways, back to the music. I honestly think that several songs in the top 40 right now are horrible, and that they only get playing time because of a previous hit of the artist. So people say hey, new single by this artist and I loved their last song so much this new one must be fantastic too! And they end up listening to a horrible song and thinking its fantastic. For example:

Katy Perry: California Girls --> Teenage Dream --> Firework (hoooorrible song. good message, horrible song.)
Kesha: Tik Tok --> We R Who we R (soooo lame, and "R?" seriously? Thats not even cool)
Black Eyed Peas --> lots of good songs --> The Time
Justin Bieber --> Baby --> Pray

Anyways, the list goes on, but the point is that a lot of songs that in the top lists right now I swear would not make it if they were the artist's first song and not one that has only come after their previous successes.

Sorry for another negative post but...

P.S. Lil' John ruins every song ever

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